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SFC Antonio Turner (ret.)

As I began my transition out of the Army, it quickly became one of the scariest challenges I have ever faced. I didn’t know what my future entailed, but I knew I had to provide for my family. Warriors Ethos introduced me to a Sponsor Company called Intelligent Waves, I met several volunteers through the SOCOM Care Coalition where I was able to find a mentorship opportunity there that I truly enjoyed. Warriors Ethos facilitated a great opportunity to attend a 6 week NetApp NCIE course continuing my education helping me obtain a job in my desired career field. After 9 months of interning Intelligent Waves hired me, who said working for free wouldn’t pay off? I received the same coaching, counseling and mentorship through Warriors Ethos, it felt like I never left the service. I would wholeheartedly recommend Warriors Ethos to any Wounded Warrior.

– SFC Antonio A. Turner (ret.)
United States Army

MSG David Smith (ret.)

As a 23 year Army veteran with a Special Operations background, I had a very specific skill set while in the military. However, a dismounted IED blast in August 2010 changed everything by severely limiting my physical ability on which my skills depended. In my particular case, my concern wasn’t finding a job after the military, it was finding a career that I would want to do for the rest of my life. Warriors Ethos assisted me by being the vehicle through which I could explore the career options open to me, and choose a career path that I wanted, and not one I had to settle for. In my case, Warrior Ethos brought me into a corporate environment, and provided extensive and unfettered access to all the corporate executives. Through detailed exposure to all levels of the company, I was able to better understand the financial, operations, human relations, and management roles of the company. The CEO freely shared his experience and his lessons learned as an entrepreneur and business owner. As a result of this exposure, I was able to make an educated and informed decision regarding my career goals. Through the help and assistance of Warriors Ethos, I look forward to owning my own company, and building upon the skills I learned in the Army and the experience I gained in the Warriors Ethos Corporate Mentorship Program.

– MSG David Smith (ret.)
United States Army

CPT. Ben Harrow (ret.)

Trying to figure out what was next for me was one of the toughest parts of my rehabilitation. Working with doctors and physical therapists to get me up on prosthetic legs was easy, but knowing what I was going to do for a job was the tough part. One moment I’m a special forces officer the next not only do I not have any legs but I have no idea what I am going to do for an occupation to provide for my family. Warriors Ethos provided me the opportunity to intern at a local law firm because I thought I was interested in attending law school. When I realized that getting a law degree was not for me, Warriors Ethos values allowed me to look elsewhere in the business world. Currently Warriors Ethos has provided me another opportunity to work with a Military Contractor in order for me to gain an understanding and allow me to choose a job that I actually want to do once again.

– CPT. Ben Harrow (ret.)
United States Army

CPT Flo Groberg (ret.)

As an Army Ranger, there was one thing and one thing only I knew how to do, that was be an infantry officer. My life changed forever on August 8th 2012, in Afghanistan. I knew right then nothing would ever be the same. I spent three years recovering from the blast, which mangled my leg, caused severe nerve damage, and tore out a chunk of my calf muscle. I ensured more than 30 surgeries, also had a blown eardrum and a mild traumatic brain injury. I did not know what I was going to do with my life, I had no purpose, no job and no meaning. When I met the folks from Warriors Ethos they started me on the path of getting my life back on track. They let me “try on” a few career fields and gave me something most could not, opportunity. Now my life has purpose and accountability. I have a great career; I am getting married and I feel like I am still serving my country. Thank you, Warriors Ethos, for this path of righteousness.

– CPT Flo Groberg (ret.)
United States Army

SFC Kevin Kelly (ret.)

During the most difficult times in my life, dealing with physical, emotional and mental issues and knowing my military career after 23 years was coming to an end was beyond overwhelming. I had a singular goal however; all my efforts were not yielding any tangible results. I struggled for over a year with failure after failure and Transitioning from military to civilian life is something that most just are not prepared for and I was not. Jared, Mike and all the others with Warrior Ethos provided me with more than just direction and a path to achieve my goals, they honestly were friends who took time to find out what I needed to transition in life not just out of the military to a job. When a CEO calls just to see how you’re doing and just have conversation was something I wasn’t expecting and happens often. The guidance, mentorship and friendship is something that I will never forget and the piece of mind as well as life-path is something I hope to be able to give back to Warrior Ethos for other soldiers in need. Genuine people with a genuine love for soldiers. Thank you to everyone in Warrior Ethos.

– SFC Kevin Kelly (ret.)
United States Army

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