We are warriors. We transition.
Warriors Ethos is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of warriors. For more information or to join our cause, please contact us.
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assistance for veterans and their families

Engagement is the act of creating meaningful introductions for intentional career planning and workforce development. Engagement serves as a basic introduction to a new way of thinking: not only about the next phase of his/her career (out of the military) but in being open to new opportunities.


Education involves the sharing of information and instructional/training opportunities. Education takes place as he/she begins to take the steps necessary to learn what his/her mind and body can do again...away from the military, off the battlefield and in a civilian environment.


Placement is the act of providing opportunities for success for both the service member and the employer sponsor. Placement has more to do with taking the time necessary to ensure there is a good match of skills, personality and environment than it does with offering someone a job. A successful placement is one that leads to a fulfilling and productive career that leads to economic and family stability.

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White Marlin Open

Ocean City, MD

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2019 Warriors Ethos Gala

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center | National Air and Space Museum
Annual Gala Each year we bring together friends and family of Warrios Ethos for a wonderful evening in support of our cause. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event.

what we do

Transition is a process – one that is different, and a very personal experience, for each and every service member and his or her family.

An effective transition experience for injured service members, however, requires a common thread commitment on behalf of the service member and the business community. It is this common commitment – one of EngagementEducation and  Placement, or EEP – that is key to the success of Warriors Ethos. Both parties agree to acquire an understanding of the needs and expectations of the other. The civilian business community offers service members the opportunity to try different real-world experiences in order to gain a better understanding of how some of their military skills will translate “corporate America”.

Service members have the opportunity to learn civilian cultural competency (up close and personal), learn out how to “sell” themselves in an interview situation, and develop the beginning of a professional civilian network. The ultimate goal of Warriors Ethos is to ensure that every service member participating in the program achieves a successful job placement – one that leads to the start of the next phase of a very successful civilian career.